Desperate Gaslighter: Imitation and Usurpation: TOXIC

If you are a gaslighter and it has been almost two years, there is no positive result since your departure.. what would  you do?

Continue to lie that your are living your life.. when obviously you are not.

Continue to imitate until you get new people to fill in your imitation

Continue to usurp by sending messages to new HAPI people and or old HAPI members so that they can join you and see how awful HAPI is?

Too Funny:  gaslighting never worked for ” genuine humanists .”

It only worked in a few ladies who are mostly insecure, pretenders and gold diggers.

So, what is your next desperational move? Still a dummy account? you have never learned..dummy accounts who do activism are never successful.

Common sense tells me that dummy accounts have no integrity and credibility.

Why are you still hiding in your dummy account, Marco Mendoza?

Still afraid of  your Filipino wife?

You continue your low life gaslighting techniques, when obviously you have ” loser”  painted in your forehead.

Waiting for your wife Tina to find out your movements online?

so who is TOXIC now?

Since you and your gang left we have had  numerous international  and local events and acquired a milestone. Where is yours?

Still HAPI dreaming?

Some of your  friends have gone to other societies,  because you have not built  a new one for them as has been promised in 2017.

Oh.. do you have one already? good for you. see you at the top!


Just a reminder:

//There is a dummy account who is relentless about bashing me online, sending posts/ PMs to my HAPI members, gaslighting them like before.. he left HAPI in Sept 2017, because he cannot win over the “working class”, sadly and fortunately, he was able to gaslight the beautiful ladies… good for them. He is a handsome man..
So this is dedicated to him : a stalker, a butthurt person,, a dummy account, a gaslighter, a whiner, a scattered brain, keyboard warrior, but mostly a TOXIC PERSON.. You know who he is..
He is doing this because he was not able to control me nor gaslight me..He is trying hard to destroy what he cannot have..
I AM THE HAPI FOUNDER <<< my duty to protect HAPI and prevent it from being stolen by those who profess humanism in the wrong way.
No one can steal HAPI!!//


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