Polypharmacy is just one of the many reasons why health care is dangerous in the USA. It is also one of the many reasons why patients  go to the ER.

Huge, multinational companies have been accused of giving out kickbacks to some medical providers. We do that a lot in the Philippines, when I was still working there as a medical rep.. Why do you think the USA is different?

When I was still in active practice as a medical provider as an ANP, I usually and normally reduce patients’ medications, especially those coming from the hospital. Some of them have outrageous number of prescription meds, namely 2-3 anti constipation, 2 anti-hypertensives, 2 antidiabetics, 2 -3 psycho -altering meds, 2 anticoagulants. That  is just an example, some come with numerous antibiotics.

The dangers of polypharmacy:

falls due to medications like depressants, anti-anxiety  and or sleeping pills (hypnotics), or hypotension due to numerous antihypertensives.

internal bleeding due to numerous anti-coagulants

drug-drug interactions

usual medication side-effects but augmented,  due to age and myriad medical issues, like rhabdomyolysis.

antibiotic use can cause C difficile colitis, which could be a cause of mortality in older adults.

Therefore, please be careful when you get a prescription from your medical provider. It is prudent to ask why and what are the side effects of these drugs.

There are a lot of articles coming out that even “Statins”  are useless.. I thought so too,  I tried it myself and will never prescribe that drug to anyone.

Overmedication can also lead to death. Opioid use is rampant due to excessive prescription from medical providers. I have seen a lot of opioid overdose- DOA in the emergency room.

Question everything! It is  your life! Besides, there is no god.



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