HAPI collabs and successes and MVP

We have been busy  affiliating and building connections and bridges with other atheist/humanist societies in the Philippines and other international nonreligious societies. The more,  the better, for there is strength in numbers and diversity, such a great joy for HAPI.

With the Humanists International’s  huge  grant, we can now move freely and make more and more waves than splashes.

Imagine a grant you can only dream of. Many, many thanks to AJ Ballares, current ED, who has  been underestimated by the previous officers. They think, they can manipulate this young , intelligent and matured  humanist. He just proved them wrong!

ARMCC and Pinoy Atheist corner recently became our partners, soon to come is LGBT Filipinas  and more LGBT societies..  Wow.. we are on fire,   spreading like wild fire.

Inclusivity means a lot to us in HAPI..

We are still open for partnerships especially those who believe in us and those who did not spew hatred  on us .

A few came back already asking for some support. But we do learn from our past. Not all of these humanists are genuine.. Some are just pretenders. So,  better luck  next time. Our HAPI funds are just for genuine humanists.

Just the same, we will give them a second chance,  except for  a few people who thrive  by spewing hatred at me, the HAPI Founder.

and for the huge future project? call it MVP, more to come!

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