The Parasite Husband – the Great Pretender and Gaslighter

We finally found out that MM is a great pretender, not  just a gaslighter.

His wife even posted something on his wall,  that he is just acting in pretense and is entirely different in real life.  What did MM do? He deleted his wife’s post and blocked her..

WOW>. what a gall eh? blocking your own wife? because you are just a parasite in real life!

Just a parasite : his meager allowance from his wife is used also for donation in some new humanist group in the Philippines.. quite noble.. but that is not his money. It is his wife’s money!

No wonder, he cannot attend the HAPI con.. he just made BS reasons that he cannot attend. In real life,  he is just a parasite to his wife.

Sometimes, the truth is more horrible than fiction: Imagine someone pretending to be Filipino, yet has never  been to the Philippines.

Imagine, someone pretending to be financially stable, but has no dime to his name, yet , again, just a parasite to his wife.

Oh, we do not want you to divulge yourself. Must be difficult for you nowadays to post on Facebook.. someone is watching you now.

This is what happens when someone is living a lie.. the TRUTH will always come out, no matter how hard you try to hide it.

And the repercussions are worse than you think.. We do not want to know what his Filipino wife is going to do with him. That is private and we will never really know.

We appreciate what he did in the past, but, you reap what you sow.

I need not elucidate, you know that is true.


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