FilAm magazine page 3, made me very HAPI

The new October edition of FilAm magazine is now out, and available.

It is FREE of charge and you can pick up a copy in Philippine Embassy

and any pinoy stores in NY/NJ, USA.

This is an update of my interview in 2012, what has happened and why I have become happy and HAPI..

Another feather in our caps.

I thought, I can retire, but this magazine will make me  a “somebody” again in NYC, USA.. which I dislike.

I have even shunned away from invites from political parties.

I remain neutral and HAPI.

I have declined a lot of interviews, but, not FilAm.

Why? this interview is only a continuation  of my interview in 2012..

Why? because it is a Filipino magazine,  and HAPI is in the Philippines.

Why not? I do not like to be famous, so I have declined a lot of international interviews.

I have threats and stalkers galore already.. how much more if I allowed myself to be interviewed more?

There are pathetic and nefarious  stalkers trying to ruin my reputation. That is expected if one is a “somebody”,  because no one will talk about a nobody!

Besides, I do not need all of those  accolades.

I am partly retired in my activism, so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor, and the love and respect from my very generous husband.

Eat your heart out !

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