Please be careful with some people who use the internet to ask for money. These are usually manipulative, average, weak men who has no permanent job nor savings, or no dime to their name (In short, just parasites). I call them snakes and termites also.
Never trust those who say they have their own NGO or charity to help children or the poor in poverty- stricken countries like the Philippines, Brazil or Africa… Some of them are just using this method to travel and gain funds for themselves or make themselves better..
I have met a few of them. They would gather money from gullible, kind-hearted sponsors and go to the Phils to show some charity work, but just for show. Some even use old pics gathered from the internet.
These men ARE AFRAID OF ME because, I FOUND OUT WHO THEY REALLY ARE. Some tried to use me for reference also.
Some of them tried to lure me into making huge donations to them, when they went to the Philippines. But, I refused..
Of course, they got mad with me. No difference from those who were asking me for donation for their “stupid projects”.

Always ask around, do your research or check their websites.
Check their FB pages or google about them.
Or better still, find out what they do for a living. A laborer cannot afford travels, much less, someone who depends on his wife.

When they tell you, “I do not want to work with ms M” ::: that is a clue, a signal that I know their “skeletons in the closet”.
Please watch out for them!


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