The real and original PATAS Founder : MTLangseth

It has come to my attention that PATAS  has been changed as a society in SEC..which  is not unusual for some societies to change when it is necessary.

Now the issue is that, some people are confused who the real founder is.

I do not expect people to do some research, but  a real critical thinker would.

Remember, PATAS also did the very first South East Asian convention in 2012.

When trying to find out who the real founder is, please have the following queries:

Where did they get the funding in 2011 for their events and launching in Luneta?

Where did PATAS get the funds for the PATAS convention?

Who organized the convention in 2012  and who brought the speakers from the USA, namely Dan Barker, Jeremiah Camara and David Oreinstein et al.

If  they really love  PATAS, why are they hiding the truth? and even destroyed the website which I donated and endorsed to them before I left them in 2013.

Always look for reputable articles when you want the truth.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia whereby any Dick and Harry can change the posts.. I had some disputes with them and I finally gave up, due to the unscrupulous people I am dealing with. I just do not like to go down that route again.. So, check the articles below.

Here below are a few of these articles that can suffice for  the truth.

I did it for you, because I know it is such a waste of time to look for the TRUTH.

Do the  math please.. and

The rest is up to you.

Interview with Marissa Torres Langseth – Founder & Chairwoman Emeritus, HAPI

Atheism in the Philippines: A Personal Story

Coming out atheist

Now, if you still cannot decipher who the REAL PATAS FOUNDER is..

There must be something malicious in your being.

I cannot help you anymore.

Cheers and HAPI, happy thanksgiving!



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