My life, my muscles, my body, my strength

I got into the gym since 1993, but I worked out only once in a while.

I enrolled in Jack Lalaine Fitness club then. It costed me a fortune.

Since, I also work in the ER, I was already lifting weights.

Fast forward, I got lazy, became an ANP and did not go to the gym regularly.

But, Ocober 2019, came and I enrolled in a gym nearby.

So near, I can walk to and from the gym, but, my beloved husband insists on

taking me there or picking me up.

I walk home when the weather is nice.

It is still very lovely to walk home in my upscale neighborhood

as an extension of my work out.

I have a personal trainer whom I see twice a week.

I am learning a lot, I could work out on my own pretty soon.

I am stronger and my muscles are now more defined.

I guess, I can beat up those who are bullying me online when I go home.

What have you against me?


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