The Past Created the Future: Be thankful

I will no longer go down to the level of dishonest and shady people, especially those in the nonreligious sector in the Philippines..
I will not negotiate with pathological liars and terrorists.
Terrorists are those who grab power from others for self aggrandizement, and self interest.
I declined the offer of Emeritus three times from that old society….because, I just cannot deal with idiots anymore.
I cannot work with unprofessional idiots who lack understanding of dignity, gratitude and acknowledgement and honest endorsement.
The longer you conceal the truth, or twist the truth,
the less credibility you will have in the eyes of those who really
One chance was given, I thought, you will learn..but, you failed again as a leader.
I have moved on since 2013.. that was why I created HAPI, a better avenue of atheism and humanism.
Trying to erase the past is futile.. you just showed your questionable integrity, credibility and being such an ingrate.

We have the best HAPI officers since Sept 2017, the more , I do not need such accolade anyway.
We will not compete.. We have risen above that.
We have NO competition.
We are in a different league now.. HAPI is internationally acclaimed with numerous chapters all over the Phils.. with regular community outreach, and we bagged a huge grant to make us even better.
I will continue to finance HAPI, nonetheless.


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