2020 – A good year to retire: More travels for me and my hubby

I have been an activist since November of 2010.

Pounding the road.

I have made a difference, I am sure, no matter what they say.

They are assholes anyway.

Looking at retirement in 2020, for all good things must come to an end.

Still in HAPI, of course, my child is carefree now.

Being financially independent is soon to come.

I am no longer concerned, we have a tough HAPI  CFO.

That job is very difficult as it is.

Looking at retirement, this time is for real.

For my time is just right to retire, I need to pass the torch.

But as a Founder, I will still be there, till death do us part.

The past made up the future, no one can deny that.

I am still HAPI of course.. no one can deny that.

Cheers to all and Thank you all.

More travels for me what else is new?

I can travel more and more without ado.

With my generous and handsome husband.

You might die with envy, good for you!

For we can afford to do whatever we  want.

Travel the world as often as we want.

and eat the best food in the restaurant,

and travel in first class accommodation.

Go ahead, be envious.

I have a life that everyone wishes for;

Braggingly aside.

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