Advice : Adapt to Survive

Practical advice and my thoughts for today about
Virulent germs, microorganisms and the newest culprit COVID-19:
> Stay home or avoid sick people and large crowds or unknown people.. if you are immunocompromised which means if you are very elderly, or with unstable diabetes, bad COPD, HIV, taking immunosuppresants like Humira, on chemo, with cancer of any kind etc etc..,
>Make use of bleach/clorox instead of fancy alcohol wash, Wash your hands frequently..with soap and water of any kind. IT IS The FRICTION between palms that is more important than the soap.
> STAY healthy by hydration and eat more than is necessary especially fruits and veggies.
> EXPOSE yourself to the SUN and Fresh AIR more often..
** SLEEP and rest are very IMPORTANT!
** If available, get herd immunity: yearly flu shot and PNEUMONIA VACCINE – I had mine already..
**Based on my nursing/ medical experiences, I have been exposed to more virulent contagion in the KSA and ERs in the USA, I was sick only once.. that lasted only 2 days.
If your immune system is intact and strong.. you will recover .
Fact of life: and I call it “The law of Natural selection”. The strong and those who can adapt will inherit the earth, and will rebound, so life will continue.
Pneumonia- an unfortunate sequela,a disease process in the lungs is an old man’s bestfriend.. an old adage I heard in nursing homes.
As long as DELTA and SAL are flying, I am traveling..
Marissa Torres Langseth aka ms M
CREDENTIALS: BSN, MSN,, RN, Adult Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive privileges, Board Certified, NYC, USA
Adjunct Professor in QCC.

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