My cruising days might be over.

I think, my cruising days are over.
I even bought 200 CCL  shares, that I do not need.
I have 2 scheduled cruises for 2021.
I guess, I need to cancel them.

When profit is number one.. people’s lives will be at stake.

Reminder: Bubonic plague came from a ship in the middle ages.. and the Spanish flu, started in dense places..
A ship is a floating petri dish with anti-vaxxers, anti-science and those who do not even wash hands.

Even if we stayed in mini -suites and balconies..

We congregate in public places like the theaters and game rooms and specialty dining rooms and buffet areas.
It was just lucky that we never got sick then..

but, who knows going forward taking into consideration the past history (it repeats when people are idiots)

Most of the Princess Cruisers are also Trumptards..

what do you expect? they are  white, rich, ignoramuses,

some have not even heard of Flu and Pneumovax.

So , I  might do a lot of research again..

Even though, my husband and I are platinum members of PC already.

Oh well, Vikings look better, even if it cost a fortune..

But, we have to wait it out,

because the SARS 2/ Covid-19 is virulent and is everywhere now.

In the meantime.. I am still passionate about traveling.

ALL 3 vacation plans cancelled in 2020.

Let us see what 2021 brings..

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