COVID-19 : is true.. not a myth nor a conspiracy theory- WEAR a MASK

This mask can serve its purpose of preventing contracting Covid-19,

But not suitable for medical providers or front liners in the hospitals.

We were able to raise funds for >1500 home made masks.

I am donating 1000 masks from my own pockets.

Hitting two birds with one stone: giving a livelihood to jobless women

in the Philippines and give  away masks to the poor.

The pandemic is true. I live in NYC since 1990. Never been afraid to go out like now.

The nearby seafood store even closed down due to some reported illness.

I used to go there, it was  my favorite Chinese seafood store, in fact.

I could have been exposed.. who knows.

I am asymptomatic since I went there on March 24th.

I have been exposed to a lot of virulent germs when I was still working as

a front liner, so this is not unusual for me, anyway.

There are a lot of generous donors in my neighborhood.

My husband and neighbors are just some examples.

Keep the passion burning.

We are ALL in this together.




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