It is very difficult for me to be right.

I will become your worst enemy.

Same thing with activism, I will see to it that I am vindicated

when I am RIGHT.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card has rebilled me for an item that was already credited.

They got confused with my multiple credits from Expedia.

Without reviewing my statement since 2019,  they just rebilled an old hotel bill.

Delta is an affiliate of Expedia also, thereby, sending all refunds at the same time on

March 20th, 2020 to save time and effort, caused a lot of confusion.


These are two different bills  that are entirely separate  hotels.

I sent Chase 14 pages of documentation..

No one could find them, so I faxed them again and

Sent them another one by mail.

I will not stop until I get back $ 1,334.76 .

This bill is from Delta, which I bought with  business class tickets

to Singapore.

Chase need to check the statements again in June 13, 2019.

I will not stop until I get back my money.

This is not a 20- dollar cheap stuff.. it is > $1334.

Blogging my experience  with Chase Sapphire Preferred  Card for my peace of mind.

Their dispute department is also something to be desired;

Composed of rude, condescending idiots working for minimum wage.

I pity them.

But this is my money.. I spend over $$$ 10, 000 on this card alone,

every  year, because we  vacation  3-4x a year.

I will close this card as soon as I get my refunds.

More refunds coming. Delta already refunded me for the 2 business class tickets.

May the force be with me.

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