Why am I called “ms M ” and why I want to live until 105

When I started my advocacy in 2010, I had plenty of stalkers and haters.

So, I needed some spies to find out who they really  are.

I made myself ms M,  like that lady boss in M16.

Her name is M, head of British secret service, also  James Bond’s mentor/boss.

I called my spies James Bonds.

Besides, I love James Bond films. He makes my heart jump as if I am in those movies

of espionage and being a hero or  championing for innocent people.

Quite cheesy , but this is the  truth why I became ms M.

My favorite  Bond was Roger Moore since I was in high school.

The rest of James Bond films are also exponentially fantastic.

The new Bond,  Daniel Craig, is so far the shortest.

Oh well, I am not in a position to criticize any of them.

I just hoped that ms M, yeah that is me..  will survive until 105.

What makes me live life to the fullest? my scholars galore

Hoping to reach 10,  by 2020, as my birthday gift to myself.

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