More about Covid-19

Intubation and ventilator use are last recourse for any disease process with respiratory failure.
Stop your ignorance and arrogance if you have not been a front liner or have NOT worked in emergency scenarios.
It is an embarrassment to humanity to continue to peddle your conspiracy theory about Gates and Fauci, microchip in the vaccine, 5G and other nonsense, ..and especially prayers. Prayers just do not work.
Vaccines have eradicated a lot of diseases especially childhood diseases like mumps, rubella, measles, diptheria..etc,and poliomyelitis which has a lasting neurological effects. Learn from it. Learn from others who have medical knowledge.
Please do not go back to the middle ages.
Masks and social distancing worked in Asian countries especially in Japan and Korea. Learn from them.
Only in the USA, masks are being debated because we have too many ignorant, arrogant, idiotic Trumptards who are anti-science and anti-vaxx.
I am also frustrated at our healthcare system. Coronavirus is a family of viruses that has been in existence for centuries.
COVID-19 is different.. know the difference. Know the symptoms and its pathophysiology.
DO not lump the two.. so frustrating that some people think this is just some kind of a flu or easy to treat.
I prefer you guys STFU if you do not have the credentials to interpret or say something about a pathological incident.
I have seen a lot of people post like they have a medical degree or know microbiology.. very disgusting and nauseating.
I hope you do not get Covid-19. bye now

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