My dad-in -law’s 20th death Anniversary: June 13th

My dad in law is Leo Langseth.

He is the best father I have ever known.

He recognized me as another human being, even I am colored.

He was racist, until he met me, and married his son, an only child.

He and my husband, and I  lived in a very nice house,

Until his death in  the year 2000.

Leo was the most generous man I have ever met.

He paid for my studies, post-MSN,  I do not have a single debt.

To pay it forward, I took upon myself to pay for the HAPI scholars.

9 for now, I need one more to make it 10.

To immortalize my dad-in-law’s generosity to me,

His favorite daughter in law, as he usually said.

Where else can you find one?

His son is the only child.

So be it, his favorite, is now paying it forward.

It is good to be financially stable, no matter what!

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