Self-care 101:
> stay away from toxic people,
or cut ties with them
>Travel when you can
>Eat whole foods like veggies and fruits. Stay away from processed foods like ham, bacon or sausages loaded with preservatives
>Drink plenty of water, Stay away from soda or anything with high fructose corn syrup, which is very unhealthy.
>Stay away from junk,  and artificial foods like chips, oreos, made with artificial fats that are artery clogging
>Eat fish, meats, poultry that are from natural environment.
>Exercise at least 3x a week , minimum of 30 minutes ,, and be sure to sweat out the toxins from your body
>Socialize,  whether on FB or in person. it is good for your mental state.
>Ventilate your woes, complaints and opinions in a civil manner
>Ask for help when you cannot solve issues.
>Remain kind and humble, even if you are already a leader or with a high paying job.
>Be sure to check on your friends once in a while. Reaching out is also good for you.
>Always show gratitude.
>The bounty is better, when you share what you have.
>Life is worthwhile, when you share your bounty.

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