I retired 5 years ago, because I had enough of the BS at my job.
Their philosophy kept clashing with mine..
They were too unethical, putting profits first, before patients.
I do not even miss my six figure income, and bonuses.
I do not miss wearing my signature suits, bags and shoes,
in fact, I have already given some away.
Need to give away more to the deserving HAPI people.
Retirement will be boring without HAPI.
I love to see my scholars very happy and HAPI..
I left without all the frills and accolades, because, my peace of mind is more important than money.
Good thing, my stock options were up when I handed in my resignation.
I did not even know I had enough to retire on..
Besides, my husband is one generous human,
who is always supporting my decisions,
even if that resignation was a “spur-of- the- moment”.
Since then, no more stress.
No more crying with my patients’ families…
No more fighting with nursing home doctors, and ER doctors.
I celebrated my retirement in Costa Rica in Oct.,2015.

Life is better when we have all we need, and the best of HAPI.

Celebrating the HAPI 7th anniversary.

More lovely things to come in 2021!

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