I used to believe that knowledge is powerful, until I created a nonreligious society. It needed cash infusion for events, gatherings and convention. I founded PATAS in 2011. The convention costed me a fortune. But, alas the new leaders cannot even recognize me as the founder. They cannot even send a miniscule of gratitude that I started that organization.

They missed some points in history and are even trying to erase the PATAS history.. but, I know better.. and reliable people know better.

Yes, we need money to sustain an organization. I am responsible for the seed money of PATAS and HAPI.

Good thing, I am still financially stable even when I am retired. Most of my pension for 2-3 years will go to HAPI.

I do realize that knowledge is better with money. It is more powerful than knowledge alone. You can have things done flawlessly with money.

Whatever you say, I am still the PATAS founder.. It could have been easier for us all, if you show gratitude to the woman who trailblazed PATAS.

Oh well, I have HAPI and I will be active with HAPI until my last breath.

Know why? I found my niche.. the people I love and adore, and vise versa.

Again.. I have enough, more than enough, that I can sustain HAPI even without external help.

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