We improve, every time, we weed out the undesirables

Humanist Alliance Philippines International hereby confirms the following information for the knowledge of all our members, donors, and affiliates:

1. The former Chief Finance Officer, Edwin ‘Dweng’ Bulaclac Jr., was relieved of his title and duties after his unauthorized leave from the organization in November 2020. He is no longer affiliated with HAPI.

2. The current Chief Finance Officer, Maria Juana Valenzuela, held the position of C.F.O since November 2020 and was officially appointed and sworn in on February 8, 2021.

3. The former Executive Secretary, Clarise Quezon, officially resigned from her position on December 14, 2020. She is no longer affiliated with HAPI.

4. The current Executive Secretary, Steven ‘Sean’ Cross, was officially appointed and sworn in on February 8, 2021.

Any and all transactions made by the former CFO and Executive Secretary after their exit from the organization are done at the risk of the members, donors, and affiliates. HAPI will not be held liable for any issues or concerns that may result in said transactions. Edwin ‘Dweng’ Bulaclac Jr. and Clarise Quezon do not have the authority to solicit funds, manage donations, or manage any documents on behalf of Humanist Alliance Philippines International.

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