The downfall of some activists

Those who were terminated from HAPI found themselves in the dumpster,

It rhymes with those who were ousted for stealing.

Those who sided with him are also gone, better luck next time.

I am the one who won’t beg for your presence.

Only one survived, but her group that was newly minted did not take off,

so, she clung to an old society and lied to her teeth to keep her post.

Why should we trust her again?

She is actually somebody who just wants the title.. activism not so much.

A young elitist, humanist “daw” but, treats poor people like rags.

Someone, I used to like, but sided with the rubbish, golddiggers and sluts.

Where are they now?. Nowhere to be found.

These are those with ningas- cogon and would work only when pushed.

The current HAPI officers are the creme de la creme aka HAPI scholars.

No need to tell them what to do, they know what to do.

Brilliant minds think alike.

I have found them and they have found me.

I hope this lasts forever.