The Best Cruise and HAPI Holidays

What you wish for, will come true if you work for it, or are assertive enough to demand what you want!

Our 8th cruise with Princess cruises brought forth a lot of happiness and luxury.

We were upgraded to a full suite because they cannot fix the shower head. HAHA!

I am assertive, you know, so I demanded for a full suite for the inconvenience we had after fixing all my stuff and clothes on the shelves and hang my nice clothes. I would not want to do that again.

They also sent someone to help us move our things.

We had our own concierge and steward and canapes and wine galore every afternoon.

A wine set which we did not use very much.

Our bathroom was like my home bathroom, except for the bidet.

We had a separate toilet, a standup shower and bath tub with towels up to the wazoo.

Our master suite room has a view of the ship’s bridge, and it was huge!!

The receiving room has its own TV and a long balcony.

All in all, it was an unimaginable and fantastic upgrade.. I was only asking for a Vista suite, they gave us a premium suite, a level next to a penthouse.

We always book mini-suites anyway, but this time a club class mini.. better than the previous ones we booked

which cost us a little fortune to get club class meals and amenities.

The islands visited were not good though, especially Bonaire and worse, Dominica, poor countries

since the population is 75% Catholic.. such a tragedy believing in a deity.

I was pampered like a Princess, the chef made kare-kare and adobo for me on those two consecutive days, because I was tired of eating French, Italian and American foods. (another HAHA!!)

It was a delight, not having eaten that Filipino specialty for such a very long time.

I am truly fortunate to have experienced such luxury while cruising with my very generous husband,

and see many, many places only one can dream of.

The Lotus spa was also great with that special seaweed massage!!

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