Pathological lying is inherited

I just discovered that an 87 yo mother of a pathological liar is also a liar.

Is that a proof that lying is inherited?

She even rationalized that she lied to me.

I sent her the screenshots and she became arrogant.. the same thing.

Arrogance must be inherited. I can just laugh at this case.

Ugh.. what a shame. I did not know that some old people can still lie and become arrogant when confronted, and fabricate a drama..

Ironic, she said my drama is worse.. HAHHAH.

Her drama was calling 911 ..oopps.. she forgot that I worked in the Emergency Room forĀ  6 years

and know a lot about triage.

She did not really call.. I have the screenshot of her equally pathological lying son.

Is pathological lying hereditary?

This is just one proof.. let me do my little experimentation.

Just like when I found outĀ  that there is no Santa Claus.

Most rich people are lying to their kids about Santa.

There is none. Only they distribute gifts .. no Santa at all.

I would rather be slapped with truth, than live in a lie.

This is just me.

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