Why can’t you move on?

Here we go again, these snakes and termites trying to reach out to the new BOT.

Fabricating lies and making everything look worse as it is.

Just can’t move on eh?

What have you done lately?

Just trying to align people against me?

You are too obsessed with me, can’t you check your skills?

Crab mentality is your skill or  snaking around used by the gas lighter and the bitter damsel?

Reflect on yourself, you are getting old you know.

I am getting old too. At least, I did something for my country which I won’t even benefit from.

Oh well, anything I post here is just the truth and has happened.

I say the truth, so that I do not have to memorize my answers.

Unlike others who are pathological liars, they even practice  what to say.

Are you one of them?

Have you a life? again, what is your name?

Want my attention again and again?

You  just can’t move on. What a pity!


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