Nefarious Duo : Marco Mendoza and Erik Tubil : ATTENTION!

There is a dummy account on FB, pretending to be pinoy. He has not even set foot in the Philippines, married to a pinay  with 4 children living in California. He is also a mirror image of Trump : gaslighter, pathological liar, silent misogynist, with malignant narcissism and projects his insecurity to others.

His name is ATW, but, his dummy account is  Marco Mendoza on FB. He has been my stalker since I started my advocacy in atheism and finally became a friend through his manipulation, but, good thing I was not gaslit. His style became obvious in 2015, I wanted to terminate him. But, I still gave him another chance, since I was already thinking of retirement.

He changed his name because his wife was on his ass about activism. I think,  his wife,  Tina,  does not like his atheism,  because she is religious like most Filipinos.

He called me one time and mentioned that he needed to change his name. But who knows? It could just be one of his ploys and machinations of my emotions.

He was behaving as if I was  his ally, yet he had his own agenda, I even caught him in one group chat.  Finally his evil motives broke loose on Sept 15th, 2017.  He was able to gaslight the weak, insecure, and those with low self esteem, constantly needing validation. He fractured the HAPI officers into two. He got the ladies who were cajoled by his handsome face, and a few LGBT who also  liked his face,  while I got the “working class”. I called it “law of natural selection”: sifting the undesirables of HAPI. That was the best thing that happened to HAPI.  Since then, we have reached new heights of successes,  and have received huge grants  from the international community, namely FBBN and Humanists International,  and Global Humanists in Action  is also on board.

Here are the proof of his character assassination:

**sending Pms to people who have no knowledge about the incident to gain sympathy : here is an example //” Mass resignation of HAPI BOT and officers occurred Sept 2017. Here is the official record: with an unavailable link to FB page//  . It was their resignation letter signed by the previous officers whom he gaslit. He  even sent it  to those whom he hardly know.. I know this because a few people sent me ” that message” from Marco Mendoza,  and even to an account of  an anonymous HAPI Officer.

He posted this one below also, as another attempt to destroy me. I  received this from a very loyal donor of HAPI. Little did he know, that most of his FB friends are loyal to HAPI and in fact, huge donors of HAPI.

This is the latest attempt to destroy my reputation and an attempt for character assassination. He just cannot stop, even after two years of no communication.

Too funny, all he posted are true reflection of who he really is, a projection of how he is in person. I pity  this guy, I want to meet again to slap him the truth. But of course, he will evade me,  like he did not even attend the HAPI con in 2017, whom he was supposedly the “chairman”. It was supposedly his chance to show his dedication to humanism in the Philippines and general.. He did not arrive and made excuses why he could not arrive on that special occasion. He would rather gaslight on FB than in real life..

Afraid? I thought so too.

Too funny, I pity him.. He is now a clown.. laughable, indeed:


Another nefarious dummy account is Erik Tubil,  aka Roderick Tubil. He is such a sheeple, even commissioned by Marco to bash me online. Tubil has a history of being used as an attack dog since time immemorial. He was used in the past while in PATAS,  to attack others too. He was even utilized as an attack dog by Jenny.. and  a confession came to me that Tubil was used as a mouthpiece by people who cannot verbalize their opinions. In real person, Tubil is worse than a sheep, he acts like a slave and  he cannot even look at me in the eye.

Tubil is very transparent, he is such an idiot, he even posted my blog post and personal messages on his FB page to get my attention. He is jus showing off his envy and jealousy towards me.. Too childish and immature like Mendoza,  who is over 50 years old. What  nefarious clowns are these?

These nefarious duo just want my attention. There is really no reason for that. Your stupidity and idiocy are enough to make you famous. I can make you famous for a while. This is it, on my personal blog. Are you happy now?


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