My inspirations, et al. : Character and reputation

All of them inspired me, however, the person who has the biggest impact in  my advocacy,  died before I could meet him. He is Christopher Hitchens :

“God is not great”  changed me.. It opened my eyes, as to how religion poisoned everything good and  made me militant.



Modesty aside, my coming out,  also inspired a lot of young Filipinos to come out as atheist/humanist.

I also have haters who always badmouth or send stupid  Fb posts to discredit my work for 10 years, his smear campaigns, character assassination have not changed me nor affected my society.

I really do not care what they say.. I have not changed ever since 2010,  since I started my advocacy about atheism, humanism and critical thinking.

The new donors are enough proof of our continuing progress and the legacy they want to share with the new generations is at hand.

The huge grant is enough proof that we have integrity and credibility.

My character is more important than reputation, to wit:



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