Whistleblowing: Nursing homes in NYC

I was a consultant of about > 20 nursing homes in NYC, USA when I was still in practice. Too many to mention, but, one thing for sure, most if not all,  are dirty,  most nursing assistants are nothing to be desired.

Let me start with the first nursing home that I worked in 1990. This is quite a classy home in Manhattan. Look at it carefully: most nursing assistants are from the islands of the Caribbean. Some are very nasty and lazy.

I got a death threat as early as that year for doing my job. I am quite strict as a unit manager.. I wrote them up and reported them to upper management. 1199 was their union.. just one of those unions that “want more for less.”

Then I went somewhere better. Not ! As a consultant, I can see how these nursing assistants manipulate their work, sleep on the job and frankly laziness galore  ..as in putting 3 diapers on their patients,  so that they do not have to change them ever y few hours.

During State visits, the numbers of nursing assistants increase just for show. Seen it, and experienced that too.

There is also a nursing home that stinks like a sewer system when it rains.. but the owners do not even care to improve that issue.

They’d rather charge Medicare rehabilitation/physical therapy bills even if the patient  is already on hospice and ready to die.

There are a few nursing homes that manipulate the system to bill  Medicare and Medicaid. seen it too many times too.

In short, if you can, stay away from nursing homes. There is no replacement for a home care, whereby there is a one to one ratio.

Stay away from a nursing home if you have money.. My dad in law did not end up in the nursing home.. We hired nursing assistants to help him while at home. We got the services paid for by Medicare,  plus funding from our pockets,  so that his last days will be enjoyable and worthwhile.. There was a pianist who comes in to play the piano for him.

Listen up, nursing homes are really not a good place for the elderly nor anyone.. It should be the last resort for your loved ones.


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