How to increase self-confidence and self-esteem

In the USA, a person can self -promote oneself or blow one’s horn, especially when you are negotiating for a job or asking for a salary increase.

It is never seen as something negative, unless, you act like Trump who has malignant narcissism.

A healthy self esteem is necessary when you become a leader. Who would want to follow a nobody? Nobody!

Here are some tips to increase your confidence:

>be with people of wholesome quality, or it is better to be alone.

>Find people of better or same  intellect and personality as you are.. You absorb what is in your environment. The younger the crowd, the better. Older crowds are no longer inviting, unless they are real intellectuals.

>Find a circle that accepts and understands your personality.

>Be with people who are nonjudgmental and non enterprising.

>Never become a bait for people who will just use you. Stay away from chess players and users.

>Be with those who have the same financial capacity as you are.

>Never compare yourself with others. There will be people who are above you and below you.

>Join a gym for personal training or just enroll for muscle toning, flexibility, lose weight, abs building or join   classes like kickboxing and zumbathon. .It is never too late, no  matter what age you have.

Atheism will boost your moral and ethical values since  you will only depend on yourself, no more, no less.

Cheer up, it is better to be an atheist, than being religious.




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