My Second Interview By the Fil-Am Magazine (NYC, USA)

I thought, I am going to lay low.

Sounds like it is not happening:

My first interview was way back in 2012..Coming out atheist. – had > 50 comments.

Because it was something phenomenal.. : a pinay who is an atheist. . People

became curious of me.. I had some invites for interviews from other magazines, but I declined. I do not like too many exposures.

Oh well, out of the blue.. I got another  invite from this same NYC Fil-AM journalist.. oh well.. I agreed because, I hope,  this will be my last hurrah before I finally retire..

I am on page 3.

Soon to be released: Keep your eyes peeled.

Opps.. many feedback like before?¬† Maybe …

That would be good.. even from my stalkers /haters.


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