Adieu Carlos Celdran and THANK YOU!

I had fun memories with Carlos.

I know of him since 2011, since that “Damaso ” incident. It was a  long time ago, but his activism left me a great impression of him.

He was introduced to me by Grace, via facebook.

He became closer to me, I was always supporting his mini events in Manila.

We even saw each other twice in NYC.

The first one, in Roosevelt Island for lunch, where we spent a one to one discussion about himself and what he stood  for.

Carlos was chosen to be a BOT in HAPI, but he was too busy to settle down and discuss  about HAPI.. He even told me, he was jailed in Dubai after his performance about ” Livin’ La Vida Imelda”, due to miscommunication only.

He claimed that he was  a freethinker, and still believed  in dwarfs, but a humanist at heart.

The second  meeting was after  we watched his solo performance at a theater in Manhattan. He was a great actor, but, a better human being

I was shocked to learn of his sudden demise while exiled in Spain.

Most likely, MI (heart attack) at 46.. very common in males 45-55 years old.

It was very sad. I was affected. I could not eat for a few days.

I was the one who recommended that he be interviewed by Scott for Canadian Atheist.. His voice will be there forever as his legacy. His article was also published. Again, we chatted  a lot and he was a good human.

Farewell, Adieu.. We will never have another Carlos.

All we can do is continue his  legacy: separation of church and state.

Oh how I dislike politics and religion! when mixed together, they become a concoction of stupidity and hypocrisy!  both  are very dangerous!


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