Wear Mask Properly!

On June 4th,  just got back from grocery shopping at Fairway,  had a showdown with 2 of their employees who were NOT wearing their masks properly.
They posted at their door ” wearing mask is now the LAW’.
How can you post something and the employees are not wearing it correctly, exposing their nose and mouth?
I was riled up, in short.
I want to call the manager, but, she too, was not wearing her mask properly and threatened me that she will call 911 and to get out of the store.. I said, “go ahead call 911″ I want to speak with the OWNER of this store”.
Then, I demanded to see someone higher than her.
I was about to video and take their pics when “Carlos”, supervisor, came to the rescue. He was wearing his mask properly.. and then he said impromptu to one of the employees to wear the mask properly, in my presence, and asked me to delete whatever I have.
I apologized for an early morning commotion at that store.
Carlos said ” Give me the opportunity to correct them”.
I just cannot imagine myself in that situation again.
I lost my temper seeing them NOT wearing masks properly.
Being a front liner for > 25 years made my blood boil.
And those employees, honestly need to be reprimanded.
One just cannot get away with any of the store protocols.. and the LAW in NYC.
If the customers are wearing masks correctly, why can’t the store personnel do that too.?
AND please do not even threaten to “call 911 on me.”
I have nothing to fear, because I am right.
I am an activist online and OFFLINE.
I become very nasty when I am RIGHT.
Get out of my face when you are wrong!

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